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Avon and Wiltshire NHS Mental Health Trust


Better Together

British Dental Association

British Forces Broadcasting Service


Business in the Community

Elysium Healthcare


House of Lords

Kingston Hospital NHS Trust

King's College London



NHS East Rutland and Leicestershire CCG


Pacific Life Re


Powell engineering UK



RNN Group

Staffordshire and Stoke on Trent partnership NHS trust


University College London

Vinci Energies


Primary School intervention  - results and learnings

This case study looks at how a primary school severely affected by Covid has worked with an accredited BDA Work Ready dietitian. A 12-week pilot program was initiated. Click here to read the full case study.

Large University - workshop series

This example covers an engaging and educational virtual webinar series across various departments of a large university

Supporting a wellbeing team to develop their nutrition education offering

BDA Work Ready programme worked with University College London’s Head of Workplace Wellbeing to support nutrition education and employee engagement for their 15,000 academic and non-academic staff. At the time, most staff were working remotely, with only 700 remaining on campus.

To engage with employees no matter where they were located, the BDA Work Ready offer included a webinar series covering mindful eating, good mood food, gut health, women’s and men’s health. 418 employees participated in the live sessions, and many others watched the recordings of the events later. As a result of this webinar series:

  • Participants’ understanding of the topics increased. By the end of each session, between 95% and 100% of participants indicated they understood the topic. For example, after the Eat Well Feel Well webinar (125 attendees), the number of participants who agreed they “understood how food and drink effects mood” increased from 5% to 95%
  • Participants were motivated to try out some of the strategies taught in the webinar. Between 92% and 100% reported an intention to put the techniques into practice, and between 86% and 96% described feeling more confident to do so. 

Alongside this core activity, three large teams also organised separate employee engagement activities for their teams as part of team meetings. A range of activities were offered including cook-alongs and a food and wellbeing drop-in session. On average, 88% of attendees reported feeling more valued as an employee as a result of these interventions.


Virtual workshop - mindful eating

Here’s an example of the impact and outcomes of our mindful eating workshop. Mindful eating includes what we eat and also when, why, how quickly and how much.

Delivered for an organisation in the educational sector, more than 100 staff attended the first session (Delivered March 2021) and a poll was taken before and after showing the increase in the following statements:

  • I understand what mindful eating means increased from 45%-98%
  • I am aware of some mindful eating techniques which I could put into practice increased from 37%-98%
  • I feel confident using mindful eating techniques increased from 6%-79%
Mindful eating polls

After the session 97% said they intended to put the techniques learned into practice. 

I felt the mindful eating activity was a more complete experience - and more memerable. I ate my sandwhich and thought about the farmers growing the organic betroot and tomatoes. 



Our workshops are tailored to your needs, these can be delivered online or face-to-face. For more information on our introduction to mindful eating workshop, or to find  what other topics we cover checkout out our Workshops and webinars.


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