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The BDA's Journal of Human Nutrition and Dietetics (JHND) is an international peer-reviewed journal that brings you the latest research, reviews, practice guidelines and discussion papers in the field of nutrition and dietetics. JHND has a high performing impact factor (recently increased from 3.088 to 3.146, the fourth consecutive increase) and is consistently ranked one of the most valued benefits by BDA members. 

Online JHND access is provided to BDA members free of charge, as part of their membership. Hard copy editions can be purchased for £30 for 6 editions, either by sending a cheque to the BDA office or by contacting directly to pay by card or bank transfer.

BDA members, please ensure you're logged in to your BDA account before simply clicking the link below to be taken straight to access the Journal with no further logins required. If there is no button shown below, please check that you are logged into your account.

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Journal articles are welcomed on:

  • clinical nutrition and the practice of theraputic dietetics
  • public health nutrition and nutritional epidermiology
  • health promotion and intervention studies and their efffectiveness
  • food choice and the psychology of eating behaviour
  • food intake and nutritional status
  • sociology of food intake

The JHND App gives you quick and easy access to all of the research, reviews, practice guidelines and discussion papers in JHND.

Each issue is labelled with the date of publication, volume and issue number. Click on your chosen issue icon to see the list of published papers in JHND. Published papers are grouped by themes (e.g. Public Health, Clinical Nutrition, Service Evaluation and more...) making it easier for you to locate your chosen topic.