How to become a Work Ready dietitian

We want members with the right skills to consider becoming Work Ready dietitians. We also need you to help and support Work Ready.

Train to be a Work Ready dietitian

Do you have some experience in health promotion and/or workplace health interventions? Our training course (run across 2 mornings) will use your existing skills and give you the tools to run Work Ready.

You will get access to our jobs and networking forum. That will help you get the Work Ready job that matches your skills. You can access tailored resources and the evidence base.

Once trained you can work as a freelance Work Ready dietitian. The organisation you work in may want you to carry out Work Ready in their workplace. We have organisation licences available – please talk to us. Email [email protected] to sign up or for more information.

Here is what other dietitians say about Work Ready:

I would definitely recommend the programme to anyone to anyone interested in the area. It gives you the skills and tools to provide evidence-based interventions.

Elaine Anderson, Work Ready dietitian

Work Ready is an easy sell, people are interested in nutrition and staff wellbeing. I've genuinely not seen anything like this programme on the market.

Christian Lee, Consultant Dietitian Eating Disorders, Associate Director of AHPs, Lancashire & South Cumbria NHS Foundation Trust

How to help and support Work Ready

1. Tell people about Work Ready

There is a national network of dietitians licensed to deliver Work Ready. To recommend us, please direct people to the Work Ready website. You can also send them one of our industry-specific leaflets. Download and email or print from the resources section of the website. Please share our posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. Don't forget to mention us in your own posts.

2. Get workplace awards

Do you know there are a range of workplace awards for wellbeing initiatives? Does your workplace know about these? Are they interested in getting a workplace award? Are they already working towards an award? If the answer is ‘yes’ to any of these, contact us and let us know. You can train to be Work Ready accredited and help your workplace get an award. Or one of our trained Work Ready dietitians can get in touch. Please tell us if an award is missing from our awards page. Email [email protected] 

3. Research

Are you involved in research in nutritional health in the workplace? We would love to hear about it. Email [email protected]