Document Endorsement

The BDA document endorsement process has been developed as a flexible tool which can be applied to a range of documents. These include:

  • Leaflets/Booklets and Posters
  • Books/Manuals/Guides
  • Policy Statements/Clinical Statements
  • Toolkits

Documents including Briefing Papers, Professional Consensus Statements and Clinical Guidelines are no longer endorsed by the BDA. However, endorsement would be considered if the document can be repurposed as a Policy Statement/Clinical Statement.

We strongly recommend that individuals/groups/organisations work with the BDA from the outset. Therefore, prior to the development of a proposed document, we ask if you could please contact the BDA so we can work with you to ensure a quick and straightforward process to document endorsement.

We also strongly recommend using the PEN website where possible to assist in the development of evidence-based content and to ensure there are no existing documents with similar content.

In granting endorsement and release of the BDA logo, the BDA is confirming that the content and format are appropriate to the subject matter and intended audience.

Benefits of BDA Endorsement

In gaining endorsement from the BDA, the provider will benefit from:

  • Quality assurance that the document is evidence based, peer reviewed and considered appropriate for document endorsement by the BDA.
  • The use of the BDA endorsement logo for the duration of the endorsement.  This logo can be used on the document produced.
  • Added value for the target audience that the document has a quality badge by the BDA, a recognised mark of quality.
  • Reassurance for consumers and health professionals that the information contained in the document is evidence based and in-line with current good practice.

Please read the Document Endorsement Guidance and Information form for more information. 

The apply for BDA endorsement of your document, please download and complete the application form.

  • If you're applying for initial endorsement, complete the introduction page and sections 1,3,5 and 6. 
  • If you're applying for re-endorsement, complete the introduction page and sections 4 and 5.

Please send completed application forms here.