Required qualifications

In order to be eligible to apply for Graduate or Practitioner Registration with SENR, applicants must hold appropriate undergraduate and postgraduate level qualifications.

There are a number of approaches to meeting the qualification requirements. Examples of different approaches include: 

  • A pre-registration dietetics degree with an MSc/Postgraduate Diploma or Postgraduate Certificate in Sport and Exercise Nutrition. This reduced postgraduate requirement is in recognition of the clinical placement training undertaken during the dietetic pre-registration degree programme. 
  • An undergraduate degree in nutrition, sport and exercise science or biological sciences with an MSc in Sport and Exercise Nutrition.
  • SENR Academic Associates will hold a relevant PhD and have a recognised profile and standing within the SEN academic and research community.

Individuals holding a relevant undergraduate degree plus a PhD in a relevant (sports nutrition related) subject, would need to supplement qualifications with at least three core postgraduate level taught modules typically offered within a PG Certificate programme that covers the following content: 

  • Sport and Exercise Nutrition 
  • Exercise Physiology / Biochemistry 
  • Measurement and Evaluation (nutritional assessment) 

For all routes to Registration, applicants must be able to demonstrate significant experience of critical appraisal of published research literature

In the case of applicants who have graduated from SENR-accredited postgraduate programmes, the postgraduate qualification ONLY will be required for consideration by the Registration Panel. This is due to the fact that SENR accreditation denotes confidence in the University programme’s recruitment and application processes and the rigour of the final award achieved. 

Applicants who qualified in countries outside of the European Union or UK will, in the first instance, be required to submit a full transcript of modules undertaken as part of their qualification. If a clear comparison with UK qualification standards cannot be made by our expert assessors, applicants may subsequently be required to submit an assessment of equivalence to an award from the United Kingdom by National Recognition Information Centre (NARIC).

At the current time, mutual recognition will apply to applicants who practice as sport and exercise nutritionists in overseas countries (until such time as laws change). Satisfactory demonstration of qualifications and competence may be required in order to meet the full requirements of registration in the UK. 

Both Practitioner and Graduate applications will require proof of food safety and anti-doping certification.