Mental Health Treatment is not just from the neck up

The role of the Dietitian in Mental Health.

Malnutrition in older people

This Malnutrition Awareness Week, Emily Stuart, RD, looks at how a food-first approach is the cornerstone for treatment but there are several social aspects to consider when discussing malnutrition in older people.

Why environmental sustainability should matter to dietitians and how it impacts on dietetic practice

What is the role of dietitians in catering companies in influencing sustainable eating in schools?

Tess Warnes looks at how embedding sustainability in school meals can have additional benefits of improved health and creating good habits

The childhood obesity pandemic: now more important than ever?

As childhood obesity rates continue to climb, Kiran Atwal looks at how different components need to work together to address the issue.

Home Artificial Nutrition Week 2020

A great time to upskill on mindful eating

Lockdown has had a huge impact on our relationship with food, allowing us to offer new guidance on not just what to eat but how, say Rimi Obra-Ratwatte and Camille Birault

Tips for incorporating mindful eating in dietetic practice

COCO - Care of Childhood Obesity

The BDA speaks to Shelley Easter RD from Bristol Royal Hospital for Children about the COCO tier three weight management service for children

Why the government's new strategy for obesity needs to avoid weight stigma

With the Government expected to publish its latest strategy for obesity in the next week, Dr Adrian Brown RD, Lucy Perrow RD and Dr Stuart W. Flint make the case for why avoiding weight stigma within the communications and delivery of the strategy will be so important.

Government needs to back dietitians to prevent and reduce childhood obesity

In anticipation of the government’s latest strategy for obesity and weight management, BDA Paediatric Specialist Group (PSG) Co-Chair Dr Julie Lanigan Ph.D. RD discusses some recent challenges and why a preventative approach, particularly targeting early years, is what is needed. Julie also sets out what PSG are doing themselves to help address this challenge.

The role of the Doping Control Officer

"I found that my experience as a dietitian prepared me well for this role because of the crossover of skills required for both jobs, and because such a large part of the role is about building a rapport."

The need to diversify dietetics: a student perspective

As protests around the world highlight racial inequality, Nishat Chowdhury reflects on how greater diversity in dietetics would help improve the service we give to clients.

Men’s Health Week 2020: Let’s chat about male fertility

What can men do to prevent infertility in the future or improve their current reproductive health?

What do dietitians need to know when seeing a patient with a Learning Disability?

Loneliness and Malnutrition

The 15th to 19th June is loneliness awareness week, here Dove Yu, Dietitian at James Cook University Hospital and Committee of the BDA Older People Special Group discusses loneliness and malnutrition.

A community among the pandemic

Student Rían Joyce helped set up a local initiative to help vulnerable people in her community

Making a difference – Working in mental health as a dietitian

Beena Patel writes about her experience as a newly qualified dietitian working within the mental health setting.

A Dietetic Perspective of Nasogastric Feeding

Phill Johnston reports on his experiences of living with a nasogastric tube as part of his efforts to better understand the patient experience during Nutrition and Hydration Week

Chrono-nutrition a new dietary dimension

Rachel Gibson looks at new research looking at the age-old proverb to eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper

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