As the only representative body for the UK dietetic workforce, one of the key roles of the BDA is to influence on issues important to our members, their patients, and the public. Dietitians are public health advocates and we want to support them to perform this role.

Public affairs campaigns

BDA Manifesto

As both a trade union and a professional body, we champion the professional, educational, public, and workplace interests of our members.

Extend free school meal provision to all primary school children

This campaign aims to ensure that all primary school children across the UK have access to a high-quality, nutritious meal every day.

Develop a comprehensive UK Food Strategy

This campaign advocates for the development of a UK-wide food strategy that takes a comprehensive approach to food policy, considering everything from farming and production to nutrition and public health.

Extend independent prescribing rights to dietitians nationwide

This campaign aims to pressure the UK Government into taking the necessary steps to allow our members across all four nations of the UK independent prescribing rights, to deliver the efficient and necessary care that patients deserve.

Strengthening the dietetic workforce

This campaign advocates for a comprehensive, four-nation approach to protecting and expanding the dietetic workforce.

Commit to fair pay for NHS dietitians

The BDA is campaigning for a comprehensive, fully funded pay strategy to underpin the NHS Long Term Workforce Plan.

Contact a parliamentary candidate

As a BDA member, you have the power to influence change by engaging with your local parliamentary candidates. We urge you to write to them, regardless of their political affiliation, and ask them to pledge their support for our key policy asks.

Other campaigns

The BDA's other campaign topics, including managing and preventing obesity, malnutrition, food poverty and insecurity and more.

Promoting the profession

Dietitians Week 2024

From classroom, to clinic and beyond is this year’s campaign for Dietitians Week 2024, which will run from 3-7 June.

Awareness Days and Events 2024

A calendar view of the awareness days, weeks, months and cultural events that the BDA will be acknowledging in 2024.

Celebrating Pride

Every year, across the globe, June is dedicated to celebrating the LGBT+ community, to promote messages of equality, love and friendship, empower LGBT+ voices but also recognise the ongoing struggles for many.

Sustainable September 2023

Every year we celebrate Sustainable September, promoting the benefits – to health and the planet – of a sustainable diet. For this year’s campaign we are looking at the savings that can be made by living and working more sustainably, from saving money but ultimately saving the planet!

Ads and Fads

We plan to work with our members to tackle the misleading nutrition information that is rife on social media and online, by highlighting the worst offenders to the Advertising Standards Authority.

Greener AHP Week

We’re pleased to be supporting the second #GreenerAHP Week, exploring all of the exciting new initiatives to improve patient care.

Take part in a campaign

Sometimes this will involve focusing on a specific topic or take the form of an ongoing campaign. You can access information on what we want to achieve for each campaign along with an explanation of how you can take part and further supporting documentation. These campaigns are agreed by our boards, specialist groups or our governing Board of Directors in conjunction with the BDA head office team. 

All of the BDA's campaigns will benefit from support from our members, partners, and stakeholders. If you want to get involved or have questions or comments about any of our campaigns, there will be details of what you can do to help on each campaign page, which you can access on the left hand side of the page or above. You can also get in touch with our Public Affairs team.