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If you want an honest, evidence-based comment or opinion, make sure you come to the experts.

We offer a free expert spokesperson service for print, radio, TV, online and blogs. Our trained spokespeople are all registered dietitians, have expertise in a wide range of areas and are available across the UK. They can provide expert comment on a wide range of topics including:

  • Food and nutrition policy and legislation
  • Diet trends and fads
  • New food or drink products
  • Nutrition/diet research and academic studies
  • NHS trade union issues

Dietitians are the only legally regulated profession qualified in clinical nutrition and diet. All dietitians have to be trained to degree-level as a minimum and are required to maintain their professional competency in order to maintain their registration with the Health and Care Professions Council.

Our spokespeople are also available for longer-term paid work such as advising on ongoing programmes or helping to develop regular content for TV or radio.

Press Releases

We publish all of our press releases as news items after the embargo. 

If you are a journalist or media researcher and would like to receive our press releases first, email us with your name, email and which publication/company(s) you work for, to be added to our press release distribution service. 

If you are a dietitian and feel your work may be of interest to the media, get in touch and we can chat about the best ways to promote this. Often, dietitians are involved in innovative and ground-breaking work that deserves recognition. Let us help you shout loud and proud about this!

BDA Expert Spokespeople

Our Press Office answers questions about all areas of nutrition, we place experts in front of camera and can help your research process. We can also help develop documentary and TV ideas from concept stages, right through to final production. This support is FREE

We have around 100 media trained spokespeople who can help you with a huge range of nutrition topics from skin health to mental health, to the latest fad diet. Visit our In the Media pages to see where our spokespeople have featured.

How can I start working with the media as a dietitian?

We encourage dietitians to work with journalists to share evidence-based nutrition information within the scope of their practice. 

We run Classroom courses for members who are interested in increasing their media presence, as an individual dietitian or on behalf of their employer. At the moment that course is under review to make it as useful and worthwhile for you as possible. Learn more and book today.

We encourage our full member dietitians to be proud of their profession and use the BDA Full Member Logo, for example on their own websites. Additionally some of our members may declare their BDA membership on their social media accounts. However this does not mean that the views expressed within members' websites and social media accounts, are those of the BDA. Please visit our Policy Statements page for more information on our stance, or contact us through the details above.