BDA CPD Approval

BDA CPD Approval is a process whereby external organisations developing learning activities can apply for a mark of approval, and if successful, carry the recognised, valued and respected name of the BDA. It has been developed as a flexible tool which can be applied to a range of CPD activities including conferences and events, training, online CPD resources, written materials such as articles and broadcast materials such as educational podcasts.

Standards for BDA CPD Approval

Apply for BDA CPD Approval

BDA CPD Approved Hub

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is essential for our members, enabling them to learn and develop throughout their career, keeping their knowledge and skills up to date to ensure they can practice safely and effectively.

The BDA approach is that members at all levels of the profession should have access to a wealth of formal and informal CPD opportunities which will support their employment and provide personal fulfilment in their professional role of choice.

This lifelong learning is each practitioner’s responsibility but the BDA is also responsible for providing and promoting a range of CPD opportunities to support the highest standards of practice.

We approve CPD resources, which are clearly focused on developing the knowledge, skills and competence of members of our dietetic workforce, within a format and delivery which is appropriate to the subject matter and intended audience.

If a CPD resource meets our standards and other requirements, we will approve it as a BDA CPD Approved activity. We will release a unique CPD Approved logo which providers can use for the duration of the agreed term. It will also be promoted to our membership via our core communication channels to approximately 11,000 dietetic and nutrition professionals via a listing on our dedicated BDA CPD Approved Hub.

Through our CPD Approval process, we want to maximise the amount and variety of CPD activities available to our members, and ensure they have awareness of all the opportunities available to them.

By successfully applying for CPD approval you can be confident that:

  • The BDA Approved logo on your activity will be recognised across the sector
  • You are adding value for participants looking to save time on selecting appropriate CPD
  • BDA members will be able to find your activity in our BDA CPD Approved Hub [link]

Find out more about our BDA CPD Approval process, and apply today. 

Our Approval process does not constitute the BDA's position or viewpoint on a particular topic, nor is it confirming the application and interpretation of the evidence base, or recommending it above any other activity or position. Any resources requiring this level of input would need to be submitted via the BDA Endorsement process.