Cooking at home

There's never been a better time to get children involved with cooking. Children of all ages can take on different tasks in the kitchen, with varying levels of supervision. With a little thought and imagination, you should be able to get children excited about making great food.

Cooking with children of different ages

Top tips for cooking with young children, older children and teenagers.

Cooking safely with children

Kitchens can be dangerous places if you don’t take care. Here are some tips for cooking safely at home with children.

Cooking on a budget

It’s easy to assume it’s more expensive to cook healthy meals from scratch than buy ready meals or takeaways. But we’ve proved that theory wrong time and time again.


Here’s the equipment we use most often in the Let’s Get Cooking kitchen. As you cook more and get creative, you might find you want to build up your kit even more.

Store cupboard ingredients

Here’s our list of essential ingredients which are always useful to have in. They’ll make sure you can always rustle up a healthy meal from scratch at the drop of a hat. Perfect for those nights when you really can’t be bothered.

Fussy eaters

Needing help with your fussy eaters? Well, the secret to getting your kids eating their five a day, and lots of other new foods, is out ... and it's easier than they might think.

Cooking for one

Cooking for one is easy if you're smart with your shopping and cooking means you can still save time and cash.

Correct peeling and chopping techniques

Top tips on chopping, peeling and grating for when you're cooking at home with children.

Smart supermarket shopping

Supermarket shopping can be a stressful experience if you don’t have the right strategy in place before you get there. Here are our top tips for families to make supermarket shopping easy.

Batch cooking and freezing food

Save time and money with our top tips for batch cooking and freezing food to re-use.