In the Media

We work with journalists at all major outlets to answer nutrition questions with sound advice based on the latest evidence. Find out where our BDA media spokespeople and the BDA have been in the media lately. 

Most recent coverage:

12 February 2024 - Guardian Online - Intermittent fasting - what is it, how does it work. With comment from Aisling Pigott

12 February 2024 - i news – How effective are so called ‘gut shots’? With comment from Kirsten Jackson

11 February 2024 - – Do high protein foods actually have more protein in them? With comment from Dalia Campbell.

10 February 2024 - The Times (Online) – Looked at whether a cup of tea is able to keep us young. With comment from Priya Tew

08 February 2024 - i news – Investigated the demise of oat milk and whether the claims about it stand up or not. With comment from Chloe Hall and Priya Tew

06 February 2024 - The Sun Online - COLD TRUTH The chilling dangers lurking in iced slushy drinks after two children under 4 left fighting for life in hospital. With comment from Duane Mellor

06 February 2024 - i news - The foods to eat to cut belly fat, including yoghurt and oats. With comment from Nichola Ludlam-Raine, Priya Tew

02 February 2024 - The Times (Online) – Shared tips for reducing weight gain on the waistline as we get older. With comment from Linia Patel

01 February 2024  – Following news that Rishi Sunak does intermittent fasting, several publications asked for comment including - The Times (Online) - With comment from Lucy Jones, Priya Tew. The BBC website – With comment from Clare Thornton-Wood.

31 January 2024 - The Independent – Looked at the health benefits of completing Dry January. With comment from Kirsten Jackson

08 January 2024- Balance – What are non-sugar sweeteners? With comment from Nichola Ludlam-Raine

06 January 2024 - – Advice for going vegan this January. With comment from Hannah Whittaker

06 January 2024 - Mirror (Online) - Ways you can lose weight safely this New Year - and the things you should avoid. With links to the BDA

06 January 2024- - The most popular diets and their effectiveness. With comment from Sian Porter

05 January 2024 - The Independent - Best vegan butters. With comment from Clare Thornton-Wood

04 January 2024 - Women's Health (UK) (Online)- 22 different diet plans debunked. With comment from Kirsty Barrett and Priya Tew

04 January 2024 - This Morning – The fad diets that our members said they’d been asked about in 2023 were discussed by Dr Sara on the show

04 January 2024 - ITV (Online) - Can diet defeat ageing? With comment from Clare Thornton-Wood and Nichola Ludlam-Raine. Nichola was also interviewed on the Tonight programme. Watch it here

04 January 2024 - i news – Why are we switching back to full-fat products? With comment from Priya Tew

02 January 2024 - BBC Radio Cumbria and Lancashire – Anna Groom was interviewed as part of our Navigating the New Year nonsense campaign, highlighting realistic goals and avoiding fad diets

02 January 2024 - Guardian Online – An opinion piece about UPF’s. With comment from Duane Mellor

02 January 2024 - The Guardian  and The Telegraph - UK leading the way for adults eating five portions of fruit and veg a day. With comment from Anna Daniels

01 January 2024- MailOnline – Dietitians’ views on the benefits of dark chocolate. With comment from Duane Mellor                                  


Here are some examples of the types of topics our dietitians cover:

Popular Diets

Dr Duane Mellor discuses the evidence for stool-gazing in The Guardian.

Dr Frankie Phillips talks to The Times about how to get the nutrients you need if you give up meat.

Emer Delaney shares her thoughts on the health benefits of banana peel with The Telegraph.

Dr Duane Mellor talks wine and dieting with The Sunday Times.

Debra Thomas discusses the FODMAP diet with The Metro.



Catherine Rabess talked to the Times about how people recovering from COVID-19 can eat to support their recovery and overcome any risk of malnutrition.

New evidence suggests that your gut microbiome could help reduce the effect of COVID and Dr Megan Rossi shares tips on how to look after your gut health with Women's Health.

Sian Porter is helping you prepare for the return to post-lockdown life in the Times.

Helen Bond shares lockdown tips with The Express to help us look after our cholesterol levels.

Aisling Pigott and Helen Bond talk family snack in lockdown with iNews.

Healthy Eating

Bahee Van de Bor and Dr Megan Rossi are in the Times talking about why it is so important to get a good mix of fruit and veg in your diet.

Clare Thornton-Wood answered the Independent’s questions on whether mushrooms are the health booster we’re all missing.

Sian Porter discussed brain health and how food can affect health, mood and energy levels for the Daily Express.

The Sun ran a story on foods that could cause bloating, with Helen Bond providing expert guidance.

Azmina Govindji talks to Asian Voices about the small changes you can make to South-Asian diets to support your health.

Dr Megan Rossi talks to The Times about the benefits of various snacks for our gut health, as we see more and more ‘healthy’ snacks covered in salt.

Dr Duane Mellor talks about the effect of diet on stress levels with The Times.

Dr Frankie Phillips talks to the Mirror about whether leftover curry for breakfast would help with weightloss.

Catherine Rabess discusses caffeine sensitivity with Stylist.

Myth busting

Are carbs the enemy? Our spokesperson busts myths in The Times.

Alexia Dempsey talks about men and eating disorders with SL Man.

Dr Frankie Philips considers the 'raw meat diet' in the Metro.

Marcela Fiuza lets us know whether an immunity drip is necessary in the Daily Mail.

Sports Nutrition

Dr Linia Patel talked to Coach Mag about whether soy is a good source of protein for exercise-fans interested in a vegetarian or vegan diet.

Susan Short talked to Coach Mag about how much protein you really need to build muscle.

We shared concerns over the way some protein powders are marketted with BBC Newsbeat.

We discuss the potentials of veganism for athletes with The Telegraph.


Marcela Fiuza spoke to Sifted about the rise of supplements, and who should be taking them.

Catherine Rabess shares how to get enough vitamin B12 in Stylist.

Jo Greening lets The Guardian know how to increase the fibre in your diet.

Helen Bond discusses the ways sugar affects your body with Cosmopolitan.

Food Policy

Priya Tew helps Telegraph readers understand the nutritional, and monetary, value of the meagre offerings in children’s free school lockdown lunchboxes.

Newsround investigate how going hungry affects school children, including hearing from some young people who rely on free school meals. Dietitian Lucy Jones helps explain why food is so important for our bodies and our minds.

Ursula Philpot supports a crack down on pro-anorexia social posts in The Guardian.

We commented on food labelling in iNews.


Dr Duane Mellor helped readers of the i to understand the implications of a recent study suggesting that linked fried fast food to heart disease risk.

Dr Frankie Phillips responded to a study linking vegetarian and vegan diets to higher risk of stroke in The Scotsman.

Analysing Food

BDA London Chair Sophie Medlin spoke to the Mail Online about ‘healthier’ cheeses, discussing a range of products marketed as low calorie, high protein, or with added vitamins, probiotics and even charcoal.

Alexia Dempsey and Dr Duane Mellor, along with geneticist and BDA President Dr Giles Yeo help The Mail on Sunday understand the impact of the odd Christmas indulgence and investigate the nutritional (and flavour) profiles of various shops’ Christmas specials.

Helen Bond analyses various 'posh porridges' for the Daily Mail to see whether they are really healthier.

Clare Thornton-Wood comments on the saturated fat content of Subway sandwiches in The Sun

Health Conditions

Dr Duane Mellor talks to the Guardian about whether sugary drinks really increase bowel cancer risk.

We help The Express with dietary advice for rheumatoid arthritis. 

Helen Bond shares lockdown tips with The Express to help us look after our cholesterol levels.


Specialist obesity dietitian Lucy Perrow spoke to Coach Magazine about the way weight stigma increases obesity in England. 

Alexia Dempsey spoke to the Mail on Sunday about the risks and implications of adding calorie labelling to restaurant menus, particularly for those with eating disorders. 

Dr Amelia Lake and Dr Duane Mellor shared their expert opinions on whether 'Eat Out to Help Out' was undermining the national campaign to reduce obeisty with the Guardian

Dr Duane Mellor discussed the backlash against the Channel 4 show ‘How to lose a stone in 21 days’ with Yahoo.

Kirsty Barrett discussed whether focusing on calorie counting is helpful with Refinery29