Strengthening the dietetic workforce

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The BDA is committed to nurturing a strong, empowered, and diverse dietetic workforce. Aligned with our strategic plan, this campaign focuses on investing in training, creating opportunities for career development, and acknowledging the pivotal role of dietitians in health and social care. By tackling challenges such as staff shortages and barriers to advancement, we aim to support a resilient dietetic workforce that reflects the diversity of the communities we serve.

What is the Strengthening the Dietetic Workforce Campaign?

This campaign advocates for a comprehensive, four-nation approach to protecting and expanding the dietetic workforce. Our key message is: invest, expand, improve. We are calling for increased funding for dietetics education and training, initiatives to attract diverse talent, and the creation of supportive career pathways with an emphasis on continued professional development. By investing in the workforce, expanding training and recruitment, and improving working conditions, we can build a resilient NHS and third sector equipped to handle future health and social care challenges.

Why is this needed?

An effectively staffed NHS and third sector can provide timely, high-quality care, leading to better outcomes for service users, reduced costs, and improved population health. However, the dietetic workforce currently faces significant pressures, including vacancies, recruitment, and retention issues. To meet the growing demand for nutrition services and address the overall NHS workforce shortage, we must invest in the development of the dietetic workforce at all levels.

What are we doing about it?

The BDA is engaging with policymakers, educators, and NHS leadership to highlight the value of dietitians in various areas of healthcare and the economic benefits of investing in the workforce. We are working to secure increased funding for dietetics education and training, develop clear career progression pathways, and improve recruitment and retention strategies. A key goal is to have a diverse workforce that is confident in leading on matters of equity, diversity, and inclusion.

How can you get involved?

There are several ways you can support the campaign:

  • Share your experiences and perspectives on workforce challenges and solutions with the BDA
  • Write to your elected representatives about the importance of the dietetic workforce and the need for investment and planning
  • Spread the word about the value of dietitians and the need for a resilient workforce among your networks and on social media
  • Look out for further campaign actions and opportunities to have your say
  • Stay social! Share your support for our campaign through the hashtag #BDAStrengtheningDW

Building a strong, diverse, and resilient dietetic workforce is essential for meeting the health challenges of the future. By sharing your experiences, advocating for investment, and spreading the word about the value of dietitians, you can make a real impact. We need your support to ensure that the dietetic profession continues to grow, evolve, and deliver the best possible care to communities across the UK.

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