Return to Practice Membership

Re-join your professional community today!

To support you to return to the profession via several different routes, the BDA Return to Practice Category provides a full set of benefits including professional indemnity insurance, trade union cover and all BDA resources and services at a 50% reduced rate of the Full Member fee for a maximum of 12 months. After 12 months in this category, you will be automatically upgraded to BDA full membership as you will then be on the HCPC register. If you re-register before these 12 months end, it is your professional obligation to advise us immediately so we can upgrade you and ensure you have the right insurance in place to legally practice as a registered dietitian.

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This rate allows you to receive all the same benefits as a full membership, and importantly ensures you:

  • are covered with mandatory Professional Indemnity Insurance whilst you are on supervised practice placement.
  • have vital Trade Union support for any employment challenges which may occur during your supervised practice placement.
  • have access to all the useful professional tools, resources, benefits and services and are part of the BDA community.


As stated by the HCPC Return to Practice criteria you must have been out of the profession for more than 2 years and you must be undertaking a return-to-practice route of:

  • 30 days (out of the profession between 2- 5 years) undertaking 15 days of self-directed learning & 15 days of supervised practice or formal study.
  • Or 60 days (out of the profession for more than 5 years or never registered with the HCPC on qualifying) undertaking 30 days of self-directed learning & 30 days of supervised practice or formal study.

Supervised practice or formal study can either be in a placement setting such as a dietetic department in the NHS or a formal course through a learning institution or a recognised professional body such as the British Dietetic Association.

Must be returning to practice via one of these routes:

  • A recognised formal course through an institution or professional body.
  • Undertaking a recognised AHP Return to Practice Course e.g., Coventry University or Birmingham University.
  • Undertaking paid or unpaid supervised practice as stated in the HCPC RTP criteria as part of the required hours needed to gain registration with the HCPC.


IMPORTANT: By applying for this category you are declaring:

  • I confirm I am Returning to Practice via one of the routes listed above.
  • I understand my obligation to inform the BDA of my re-registration to the HCPC, so I can be upgraded to full membership immediately. In this case, the BDA will refund any pre-payment (where owed) for RTP membership paid in advance.