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You will be able to find a dietitian within the NHS after being referred by your GP Practice, or multi-disciplinary team. Your GP may make this referral or you may request a referral yourself. Why not contact the Dietetic Department at your local hospital to enquire whether they operate a ‘self-referral’ system. Consultations with dietitians within the NHS are free.

Freelance dietitians

Alternatively, if you wish to see a dietitian who practises privately, you can search online for a dietitian near you on the Freelance Dietitians website, which is run by the BDA's Freelance Dietitian Group.

The Freelance Dietitian Group is made up of over 400 entrepreneurial freelance dietitians with a broad range of specialisations and interests. Whether you are looking for a freelancer with writing and technical skills or a private dietitian who specialises in a specific condition, you will find someone who will match your specific criteria. 

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