Your new BDA Student Rep for 2020/21

Championing nutrition research and translation during COVID-19

Elaine MacAninch RD writes about the work that NNEdPro have been undertaking to provide resources and research related to nutrition and COVID-19.

More detail needed - the Government's obesity strategy

In this blog, Dr Hilda Mulrooney RD considers the government’s latest obesity strategy in more detail on behalf of the BDA Obesity Specialist Group (OSG).

Demonstrating the effectiveness of Dietitians during COVID-19

A COVID-19 data set to capture how dietitians support service users with COVID-19.

Writing for Dietetics Today

Writing for Dietetics Today, the official membership magazine for the British Dietetic Association.

Consultation on the BDA Curriculum Framework 2020

My Experiences as the BDA Student Rep 2019/20

Alison Booker, BDA Student Rep 2019/20 writes about her highlights and experience in the role.

Brexit – Where are we now?

BDA Chair Caroline Bovey discusses recent developments in the UK's exit from the EU in relation to nutrition and food, and sets out the BDA's position on some key issues.

Transforming Food Industry Communications with HCPs

Tess Kelly discusses the important role that Quorn's partnership with the BDA has had in ensuring their messaging is engaging but also evidence based.

Dietitians in medical nutrition education

Dietitians and medical educators Elaine Macaninch and Duane Mellor discuss the role of nutrition in medical education.

Adapting to the COVID-19 Pandemic

Dietitian Julie Walker from Hertfordshire Community NHS Trust talks about how she and her team adapted to provide support to patients and the community during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Your Healthy Kitchen - Working to support South Asian families to help prevent diabetes

Dietitian Jessica Mhesuria writes about the award winning public health campaign she fronted in Leicestershire to help improve health outcomes in the South Asian community.

Q&A with Dietetic Support Worker Sam

Aisling Pigott asked Sam Eyre-Williams about what it is like to work as a DSW, and what challenges she faces.

Making a Difference with your BDA Trade Union

As part of Dietitians Week 2020, TU Campaigns, Communications, and Organising Officer David Hamblin writes about why being part of the BDA Trade Union is so important for Dietitians, Dietetic Support Workers and Assistants.

Keeping it professional online

Some advice for members on how they can stay professional online

Digital Dietetics and COVID-19

Dietitian Joanna Teece shares some of her experience of digital innovation and dietetics in Scotland, and how this can be useful for all dietitians as they respond to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Digital options to keep you and your patients safe

Extraordinary times mean extraordinary measures

BDA statement on avoidable contact and use of technological solutions during COVID-19 pandemic

The BDA sets out a clear position on avoiding unnecessary face-to-face contact and using technology to increase safety during the COVID-19 outbreak.

"Navigating by Telegraph Poles"

BDA Chair Caroline Bovey on the massive challenge of COVID-19 and her own preparations to support the healthcare response.

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