Dietitians Week

From classroom, to clinic and beyond 


A career in dietetics is lifelong. For some, an interest starts at school, perhaps from having experience working with a dietitian or simply from being excited by food. For others it presents itself later in life, as a second career choice, or even by chance.

Whichever route into this brilliant career, dietetics supports you professionally and personally at every stage. It’s a diverse career that helps people, opens new doors, continuously develops with new roles and specialisms and gives you the opportunity to progress.

From classroom, to clinic and beyond is this year’s campaign for Dietitians Week 2024, which will run from 3-7 June.

This year is an opportunity to go right back to the start, from early days studying dietetics, to revisiting those first roles as a registered dietitian or support worker. You might even be about to embark on that exciting journey.

We’ll explore all the different roles and career routes that make up our membership, whether working freelance, in research, in industry, in education, in the NHS or the many others.

We’ll also delve into where a career in dietetics may lead, celebrating those of you who have done exceptional things this year and those who are making huge strides to progress in their chosen field. This is particularly poignant this year as we join together for the BDA Awards, which will be held during the week.

As usual we’ve got lots planned, including the return of our hugely popular Dietetic Bake Off, daily themes for you to get involved with and resource packs to help you celebrate. Find out more below - we'll keep updating this page in the build-up to the week.

We’re so excited to celebrate this lifelong career with you, this Dietitians Week.

Daily themes

Your guide to celebrating #DW2024

From fun videos on social media to presentations to colleagues and bake-offs - you go above and beyond to shout about dietetics. Every year you amaze us with all your wonderful activity and we know this year will be no exception!

Check out our daily themes for you to follow but there is plenty you can be doing outside of social media to promote our industry and this year’s theme.

Please remember that this week is for everyone in dietetics, at every stage of their careers, so please highlight the work of yourself and all your colleagues.

Your daily themes

Monday – I chose dietetics because…

Did you choose dietetics or did dietetics choose you!? Tell us how you ended up here, what inspired you to train and what continues to motivate you.

Tuesday – My first role in dietetics

Whether starting out or coming to the end of your career there are experiences to be shared and stories to inspire. Tell us where your journey began or is just beginning? 

Wednesday – Celebrating us

As we celebrate the BDA Awards today, this is the perfect opportunity to highlight your wins from the year. Give a special shout out to a member of your team or give yourself a pat on the back! With the correct permissions, do you have a patient/ client case study you can share too?

Thursday – My alternative route in dietetics

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all journey in dietetics, with many of you taking different routes in your career. Tell us about your diverse role – perhaps you work for a brand, or in industry, lecture, conduct research or started your own business.

Friday – The pinnacle of my career

You never stop learning and developing in dietetics. Whether you’ve written a book, become a Band 5 Support Worker, celebrated a career milestone, been honoured with a Fellowship or you were the first person to do something, be sure to share your inspirational story. It’s not always easy to recognise these achievements in yourself but these are so important for those just starting out. 

We’d suggest that you start planning your daily activity sooner rather than later – as the week goes by so quickly! We’ll have some nice graphics available very soon so you can start incorporating them into your posts. Watch this space!

Disclaimer! If you tag us in your photos and videos, we take this to mean you give us permission to share them on our own channels during and after Dietitians Week.

Your guide to promoting the profession

Aside from social media you can also celebrate the week with the following activities:

Present to your trust

We’ll have a presentation template available for you soon to tweak to share with your colleagues at work. You might consider putting it up on any screens you have available or using it as a base to share with colleagues. Shout about your important roles and the work you do.

Get baking! 

Of course we’d love you to take part in our Dietetic Bake-Off but you could also get your colleagues or fellow students involved and have a team bake sale or competition.

If you work alone you can still get involved – but consider recommended portion sizes! 😜 Send us a photo - we’re always happy to see your creations!

Career talks

Do you have links with your local school? If so, take Dietitians Week as an opportunity to book in a career talk to share what a brilliant career dietetics is and all its various routes.

Network with colleagues

Join the live RDUK Twitter Chat on Monday 3 June – it’s a great opportunity to chat with other members of the profession. We'll be discussing dietetic careers for an hour at 8pm.

RD2B Instagram Live

Join us live on Instagram at 7pm on Tuesday 3 June where Student Rep Kyle Kennedy will be joined by one of our Board of Directors Gillian Farren and Membership Manager Emma Brighton to discuss what it means to be a dietetic student, the wonderful routes available within dietetics and where it might lead. They'll also touch on making the most of your membership and it's a great opportunity for you to ask your burning questions or share any feedback. Please send any questions in advance to [email protected] or feel free to join us live at @bda_dietitians!

Take our survey

What made you choose your first dietetic role? Was it based on location, the opportunities available or something else? 🤔 If you qualified in the last 2 years – we want to hear from you! Find out more and complete our 5 minute survey here.

Downloadable assets

Printable resources and templates

Dietitians Week 2024 logo with graphic (white background)

Dietitians-Week-2024_logo-with-graphic.png 1

Dietitians Week 2024 logo with dates (transparent background)


'I'm celebrating Dietitians Week' photo prop template


Word cloud photo prop template

DW2024_Plain photo prop.png

Your dietitian thinks about... poster


What can a dietitian help with..? poster




Business card


Dietitians Week 'Team Dietetics' sticker template


Social media graphics

I'm celebrating Dietitians Week animation

I'm celebrating Dietitians Week.gif

Download the gif or mp4 version.

Happy Dietitians Week!

happy Dietitians Week.png

What can a dietitian help with? Version 1

What can a dietitian help with?.png

What can a dietitian help with? Version 2

What can a dietitian help with? v2.png

Your Dietitian thinks about...

Your Dietitian thinks about....png

Exciting news - we've got branded Dietitians Week graphics on Giphy! Simply head to Instagram, click on the sticker icon and search for Dietitians Week and you can add these to your stories.

Dietitians Week insta stickers

Presentations and video calling

Zoom/Teams background

DW2024_Virtual Background.png


Ready-made PowerPoint presentation - slides to explain how a dietitian can support patients/service users

DW presentation.png
Your Dietitians Week plans

Here are some of the fantastic things happening during Dietitians Week that you can get involved with. We'll keep adding to this list as things are shared with us. 

  • We’re excited to share some of our corporate members and commercial partners celebrating and exploring the career journeys of their dietitians. Find out more.
  • Monday 6pm: Sheffield Hallam University Live Chat: From Learning to Leading, the making of.... In this live chat, SHU host Long Li will speak with three dietitian colleagues who have achieved impressive milestones in their professional careers. We will hear about their personal stories, which we hope will inspire many of us—whether you are a student, newly qualified, or have been in the profession for a while. Sign up here.
  • Tuesday: BDA Scotland Board's Joanna Teece is delivering an online Developing the Young Workforce (DYW) Live session to schools to promote dietetic careers - stay up-to-date on X via @nesnmahp @nhsscotcareers. NHS Scotland Careers will be sharing lots of other fantastic resources throughout the week including blog posts, the launch of a virtual reality video consultation.
  • Thursday 6pm: Celebrating Scottish Dietetic Success: How to Embrace Career Opportunities." sponsored by Nutricia. This event is designed to spotlight the remarkable achievements in the field of dietetics in Scotland and to provide valuable insights into advancing your career in this dynamic profession. Register here.
  • Central London Community Healthcare NHS Trust: Health Inequalities Specialist Dietitian Tai Ibitoye will be promoting the profession on the mobile health bus, carrying out blood pressure checks, weight and BMI (with the help of health education specialists) and providing dietary advice on hypertension and weight management.

Share your plans with us and we can add them to this page - email [email protected].

Branded merch packs

This year we have two different packs for you to choose from, whether you work in a team or on your own. We hope this means the packs will be more tailored to what you need and nothing will go to waste.

All packs have now been claimed. However, why not visit the BDA Shop online and browse our range of BDA publications, specialist group resources, event recordings and even pick up some BDA branded merchandise, to help promote the profession!

Our digital resources are also still available via this webpage, so you can print your own.