BDA Safe Staffing

The updated ‘Safe Staffing and Safe Workload Guidance’ for the Dietetic professions has arrived. The original Guidance Document was published in 2016, and this new document has been commissioned as it’s successor; much has changed in the intervening eight years. This Safe Staffing Safe Workload Guidance has been designed to inform and support decision making on safe staffing levels by BDA members, managers, organisations and Commissioners. 

The document is comprehensive and as such will be available to download and access in compenent parts. To enter online see below: 

Executive summary and introduction 

Aims, objectives and limitatons

Overview of current dietetic practice (within the NHS) 



Findings; includes chapters within



A triangulated approach to assessing safe workload and safe staffing levels in dietetics




Click here to download the document (without appendices or references) 

BDA Safe Staffing 2024


We want to thank our colleagues for all their hard work on this document and hope readers will appreciate the input from such a wide range of specialists and professionals, knowledgeable in the field of healthcare food service dietetics.

Diana Markham and Sue Perry. 

Date of issue: May 2024