Membership Bylaws and T&Cs

BDA Membership T&Cs

All BDA members, on joining the association agree to abide by our Code of Conduct, Membership Bylaws, professional practice guidelines, professional standards or other guidance issued by the BDA.

By applying for membership of the BDA members agree to abide by the standards of practice and conduct expected by the professional association and will be accountable to the BDA for any breaches of those standards.

Members undertake to notify the BDA of any criminal convictions, disciplinary, regulatory or other action now and in the future.


All BDA membership applications can be made online via the BDA website. Membership will begin first day of either the current or following month with the exception of student members.  

All membership applications are automatically approved based on the information provided and upon successful payment or supply of payment details. Any applicants providing false information could be removed from membership and subject to disciplinary proceedings and not eligible for any membership refund.

Annual Membership Subscriptions

The BDA Board of Directors sets annual subscription fees. All BDA memberships are for one full calendar year, and membership must be upheld for this full period.

Any member wishing to view a record of their previous and upcoming membership payments can do so via the Membership History page in their MyBDA area.


Members are able to resign from the BDA once their full membership year payment has been settled in full. Members wishing to resign their BDA membership must notify the BDA in writing via email to [email protected] and completing any outstanding payments in full before this can be actioned.

The BDA will not issue refunds on subscriptions paid if members fail to notify the BDA of their intent to resign more than 3 months after the start of their new membership year.