Current initiatives

The BDA regularly works with commercial companies on a range of activities which usually fall into the below categories. The sections below help you find out more.

Current Projects

We partner with external organisations on projects where shared aims exist to create more impact. We'd love to hear about your projects too or if you're interested in one of our other programmes.

Current BDA projects seeking partnerships include:

  • The BDA Awards in July
  • The Research Symposium event in December


BDA Work Ready


Work ReadyLogo (TM).png The BDA has a national network of accredited workplace specialist dietitians, who offer a range of interventions in corporate, manufacturing, construction, retail and healthcare settings.

Current projects seeking partnership include:

  • Expansion of a pilot to support key workers in education
  • Rolling evidence review update on workforce nutrition
  • Manager training on workforce nutrition

If you are interested in working with us on these initiatives please email [email protected]

Let's Get Cooking
Let's Get Cooking logo.jpg Let's Get Cooking has a strong legacy in the development of skills and confidence in community cookery. Via train the trainer models or direct education, our team is supporting local authorities and commercial organisations to offer practical cookery sessions designed to improve health. We work in a variety of settings including schools, community centres and offices.

Current projects seeking partnerships include:

  • We know that many families have enjoyed cooking more at home during the recent lockdowns, but others have struggled with the confidence and skills to do so. This project would support community initiatives to help children and parents enjoy cooking at home.
  • We’re looking for supporters for recipe development on snacks and for vegan diets.

For more information on these initiatives please contact [email protected]

Corporate membership

An annual corporate membership with the BDA is for organisations who work with the BDA more strategically and want to demonstrate support for the profession. These relationships also publicly acknowledge the role which external organisations play in helping the BDA to achieve its aims and the delivery of our strategic plan.

We offer membership at two levels:

  • Strategic PartnerWorks for organisations seeking high level insights and ongoing support. The package is designed to meet medium and long term shared objectives with the BDA.

  • Key SupporterWorks for organisations looking to create a regular touch-point with the BDA and show commitment to our members.

For your invitation to join the UK's largest association of food and nutrition professionals, speak to Jo Lewis, Partnerships Manager. Contact: Tel 0121 2008030, E-mail [email protected]

Find out about our current corporate members.

Consultancy & insights

NPD and innovation has to be 100% targetted to meet future demand. BDA consultancy and insights services will give you a direct line to leaders in the field via round table meetings or surveys.

Round table meetings

Our round table meetings recruit up to 8 dietitians from across the diverse fields of practice to feed into your strategic planning and communications. We work with you on the agenda design, participant recruitment and facilitation to ensure a productive and enjoyable session for everyone.

These meetings are being delivered online currently and will ensure you gather insights from our expert BDA members to tap into their wealth of knowledge and create better products or services for patients and the public. They are often written up for our in-house magazine Dietetics Today. Contact us to discuss your needs.

"A big thank you for helping arrange the participants to this meeting. It was very fruitful and gave much insights. The participants were excellent, really motivated to attend and engage. 
Medical Affairs Manager, Nutricia.

Contact us for advice on this service via [email protected]


If you are looking for opportunities to gain more detailed quantitative insights from BDA members, we offer several different options to collect views from the right experts.

BDA members, corporate members and, on occasion, other organisations may contact us to co-ordinate the dissemination of your own survey via a dedicated email sent directly to members. 

Number of members being sent survey

Individual Members

Corporate member - strategic partner

Corporate member - key supporter

Commercial Company (non-member)

Up to 500 members





Up to 1000 members





1000+ members




Not available

To request an application form, please contact [email protected]

Medical Affairs Manager, Nutricia

A big thank you for helping arrange the participants to this meeting. It was very fruitful and gave much insights. The participants were excellent, really motivated to attend and engage.


The BDA has a range of commercial sponsors - organisations who attend the BDA's events, advertise in ‘Dietetics Today’ or use the BDA’s digital platforms including the website. Please visit our pages on events and advertising or contact [email protected] to find out more.


Endorsement is a process whereby CPD learning activities and internal/external documents can gain a mark of quality from the BDA. 

Document endorsement

In gaining endorsement from the BDA, the provider will benefit from:

  • Quality assurance that the document is evidence based, peer reviewed and considered appropriate for document endorsement by the BDA.
  • The use of the BDA endorsement logo for the duration of the endorsement.  This logo can be used on the document produced.
  • Added value for the target audience that the document has a quality badge by the BDA, a recognised mark of quality.
  • Reassurance for consumers and health professionals that the information contained in the document is evidence based and in-line with current good practice.

For full details and an application form please visit our Document Endorsement page.

Learning endorsement

In gaining endorsement from the BDA, thelearning providers and participants will benefit from:

  • Quality assurance that the learning activity is evidence based, reviewed by a BDA CPD Assessor and considered appropriate for CPD by the BDA.
  • The use of the BDA endorsement logo for the duration of the endorsement.  This logo can be used on certificates of attendance and marketing material.
  • Added value for participants that the learning activity has a quality badge by the BDA, a recognised mark of quality.
  • Free listing in Dietetics Today, a monthly magazine circulated to approximately 9000 dietetic and nutrition professionals.  The learning activity will be listed once upon approval of the endorsement application.
  • Free listing on BDA website, which is accessed by dietetic and nutrition professionals and members of the public, from the approval date of the endorsement application to the date of the learning activity.

For more details and information on how to apply, visit our pages on CPD endorsement.