Wellbeing awards

There is a range of awards for wellbeing initiatives across the UK. Does your workplace know about these? Would you like a workplace award? Are you working towards one? Your Work Ready dietitian can help you get, keep or improve your award status. Take a look at the awards below.


Government Buying Standards (GBS) for food and catering services

The GBS apply to healthcare providers via direct procurement or through catering contractors. These consist of mandatory standards. They include nutritional requirements and voluntary standards. These are called ‘best practice’ requirements. Your Work Ready dietitian can advise regarding the GBS nutritional standards. 


Healthy Living Award Plus (HLAP) 

Hospitals in Scotland must achieve this for staff and visitor catering. This includes the provision and promotion of healthy living choices.

Your Work Ready dietitian can review the specifications. Your dietitian will identify products classed as healthy living choices.

NHS Scotland Healthcare Retail Standard

This is a set of criteria for retail outlets in all healthcare settings across Scotland. It includes trolley services, pop-up or mobile stores and community food outlets.

Your Work Ready dietitian will identify which products comply for a healthier range. Your dietitian will advise you on active promotion restrictions.


The Corporate Health Standard (CHS)

This is the national quality mark for workplace health promotion in Wales.

Your Work Ready dietitian can interpret these standards in terms of the food and drinks that can be provided. Your dietitian will also look at cooking and serving, display, pricing and marketing.

The Health Promoting Hospital Vending Guidance (HPHVG)

All food products in hospital vending machines must be tested against specific criteria. This will determine if they are high in fat, saturated fat, sugar and salt. This is then considered in light of the product category.

Your Work Ready dietitian can review product ranges. Your dietitian will check suitability and make recommendations. This will support healthier food and beverage choices from vending machines. 

Northern Ireland

The minimum nutritional standards for catering in health and social care (2017)

These are for staff and visitors across catering, retail and vending in healthcare.

Your Work Ready dietitian can advise you on the food-based standards. These are linked to the Eatwell Guide. You will receive help with the relevant industry guidance.

Other Standards

Food for Life Served Here

This award shows a company commitment to ethical, sustainable and fresh food. It encourages organisations to make healthy eating easy. 

Work Ready can support this award in workplaces. We do this by the nutritional needs assessment and the workplace tool ‘Assessment of Food and Drink provisions’. Our webinars and workshops support staff awareness of changes in food provision.

Food for Life Served Here also offers training to workplaces.

Considerate Constructors Scheme

This is an independent scheme founded by the construction industry. Construction sites, companies and suppliers can register. They agree to abide by the Code of Considerate Practice. This is designed to encourage best practice beyond statutory requirements. The Code is in five parts.

Work Ready can contribute to the section 'Value their Workforce'. This states that employers should be ‘caring for the health and wellbeing of the workforce’.

Access to Nutrition Index (ATNI)

This focuses on how food and beverage companies make healthy food affordable and accessible.

They are ranked under categories including lifestyles. Lifestyles states companies should offer nutrition and healthy lifestyle programmes. They should support healthy diet and active lifestyle programmes and campaigns globally. These should be run by independent organisations with relevant expertise.

Work Ready can support companies on delivering these criteria.

Workplace awards

Royal Society of Public Health: Workplace Health and Wellbeing Award

­An award for employers showing commitment to the health and wellbeing of their workforce. The award expects these principles based on NICE guidance on healthy workplaces:

  • making health and wellbeing an organisational priority

  • embedding health and wellbeing within management processes and procedures

  • equal promotion of physical and mental health

  • enabling all employees to participate in decision-making processes

Winners can be selected for the Public Health Minister’s Award. Finalists can get one of 2 special commendations from Public Health England.

Work Ready can help you to provide evidence to support an application.

Business in the Community CORE standard

Business in the Community is a membership organisation for companies in Northern Ireland. CORE is the standard for responsible business set out by the organisation. It is a framework for identifying and measuring corporate responsibility activity and performance.

Work Ready can help meet one of the 10 corporate responsibility areas – health and wellbeing. 

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