Trade Union National Executive Committee (TUNEC)

Your BDA Trade Union National Executive Committee:


Chair: Vicki Bennet 

Vice Chair: Katrina Evans



  • England (1 of 2)
  • England (2 of 2)
  • Scotland
  • Wales
  • Northern Ireland
  • Non NHS Worker
  • Dietetic Support Worker
  • LGBT+
  • BAME
  • Workers with Disabilities
  • Young Worker




TUNEC oversees and contributes to the work of the BDA Trade Union. The committee composition has been designed to be reflective of the component parts of the BDA membership with reserved seats based on the following categories:


2 x England,1 x Wales, 1 x Scotland, 1 x Northern Ireland

Health is a devolved issue and as such the four nations that comprise the UK have differing levels of pay, conditions, and ways of working. It is important that a voice from each nation is heard on the Trade Union National Executive Committee  

Workplace Role

1 x Non NHS, 1 x Dietetic Support Worker

NHS Dietitians make up a significant bulk of the overall BDA Trade Union membership but we are conscious that we organise in other workplaces and other areas of the dietetic workforce.

In recognition of this fact, we ensure there is a reserved place for a non-NHS worker (e.g. Industry, Academia, etc.) to offer a different perspective and experience.

By the same logic there is also a position for a member of the dietetic support workforce. We are currently expanding our dietetic support workforce members and are keen to recruit BDA Trade Union Representatives in this area. 

Equality Strands

1 x LGBT+, 1 x BAME, 1 x Workers with Disabilities, 1 x Young Workers

The Trade Union movement recognises that the struggles for social and economic freedom are inextricably intertwined. As such four seats are reserved for designated equality strands. These seats as well as forming a vital part of equality representation are also natural points of contact with the respective organising groups in the TUC.