NHS Dietitians Demand Better

Everything you need to know about pay for NHS dietitians for 2024



With inflation teetering double figures and people facing a very real crisis in terms of living costs, the NHS workforce demands a fair pay award.

Dietitians and dietetic support workers in the NHS, in all four nations deserve to be paid properly, not only for the critical work they do but also for their dedication of service, on the back of some of the most difficult years in the NHS’ history.

Resolutions have now been agreed for dietitians in Scotland and Wales and England for 2023. We will fight for dietitians in Northern Ireland, once we have a Government to raise a dispute with.  

Ongoing Ballot Process Review

Current situation:

Our recent consultative ballot of members in NHS England received thousands of responses and achieved a return rate of approximately 40%. However we fully appreciate that some members experienced issues with accessing their vote and we are taking these issues on board.

As part of our ongoing review of our balloting processes (including communications, format, and software used) we are encouraging members to get in touch. If you have experienced issues with the ballot (or have general suggestions on how we can improve our balloting process) please get in touch via [email protected] where we will collate the issues raised and feed them in to our review of the process.

As ever we thank all our members and BDA trade union representatives for all that they do.


Current situation:

The BDA has had intensive talks with the Government, alongside other health unions and employers and achieved a new pay offer. As of 2 May 2023, following consultation with members, 72% have voted to accept the offer, and this has subsequently been agreed by other NHS unions. Read more here. 

Please note the BDA still has a mandate to strike in 43 NHS Trusts, which lasts six months. 

Current action:

No current action for members in England. 


Current situation:

As of February 2023, a new pay offer was received from the Welsh Government, which we consulted members on. Members decided to accept the offer. A full run down of the offer is available here. 

The pay award for 2023/24 has also been consulted on and been accepted by members. 

Current action:

No current action for members in Wales. 


Current situation:

Following consultation with members, a pay offer from the Government in Scotland has been accepted for 22-23. We’re told the pay uplift will be paid as soon as possible, including any backpay due.

Find out more here.

Pay and Conditions for NHS Staff Covered by the Agenda for Change Agreement

Scottish Distant Islands Allowance

Results on the member consultation for the coming years’ (2023-24) pay claim are currently being verified and will be shared shortly.

Current action:

No current action for members in Scotland but we’ll keep you posted on the results of the recent consultation. 

If you have any concerns or issues, please get in touch with your local BDA Trade Union Rep in your workplace.

Northern Ireland

Current situation:

We are able to confirm that 91.2% of those balloted in Winter 2023 voted in favour of industrial action (on a turnout above 50%). This is an unprecedented statement of intent from BDA members in Northern Ireland who will are determined that the current situation lack of action on pay cannot continue. 

Current action:

BDA members in Northern Ireland were among the tens of thousands of public sector workers on strike. Our strike mandate is still valid and we are watching developments closely.

If you have any concerns or issues, please get in touch with your local BDA Trade Union Rep in your workplace.

Are your colleagues BDA members?

Being a part of the BDA community means we fully represent you with bespoke and expert trade union advice, support and representation, which is especially important in the current climate as we fight for fair pay in the NHS for the dietetic profession. Some of your colleagues, whether they are dietitians or dietetic support workers may also wish to have their say and for their voices to be heard, but they may not be a BDA member. Please do encourage them to join the BDA and we will ensure they are represented in these crucial consultations and ballots.

Join the BDA here: https://www.bda.uk.com/membership/join-us.html