SENR Practitioner Application Guidance

Guidance for preparing your SENR Practitioner Portfolio Application

Gathered together on this page are the useful links and documents for preparing your practitioner application.


  1. A requirement prior to submission is mandatory attendance at a SENR Portfolio Workshop, see the list of dates here.
  2. Using the SENR Guide to Registration (section 4.0), review the full requirements for a submission.
  3. Note the submission dates of 15 October 2023, 1 April 2024, 1 October 2024 & 1 October 2025.
  4. Using the reference links and application documents below, prepare your portfolio application.
  5. Complete your Practitioner application checklist.
  6. Email your three application documents, CV, competency framework and portfolio to [email protected]
  7. Pay your application fee, the accounts team will send you a payment link, shortly after your application has been submitted.


Guide to Registration

Code of Conduct

BDA’s Reflective Practice Toolkit (BDA members only – will need to be logged in to view this page)

Application Documents

Practitioner Application Checklist

Competency Framework (PDF) Please ensure you are using the 2022 version

Competency Framework (word) Please ensure you are using the 2022 version

Practitioner Application Form

Personal Reference Form

Reflective Porforma – Education Sessions

Reflective Porforma – Practice Based Sessions