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Elaine Cossins

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St Pierre de Riviere France
+33 788923901

Hello my name is Elaine Cossins and I am a freelance dietitian based in the French Pyrenees who offers online consultations and works solely remotely thus offering flexibility for my clients.

I worked for 15 years as a paediatric dietitian before leaving the NHS to move to France and am now focussing on adult nutrition specifically women. As more and more research is being carried out, it is becoming more obvious that nutritional messages for women are very different than those for men - especially as we enter the menopause and beyond. Our hormones have such far reaching affects and the menopause is so much more than "hot flushes" and our periods stopping - the impacts on our health post-menopause are far-reaching.

My mission is to "Empower women to take control of their nutrition during the menopause years and beyond" and I want to work with as many women as possible to help them gain an understanding of how their bodies work and how optimising their nutrition will help them not just in the short-term but for the rest of their lives.