Equality and the BDA Trade Union

The BDA Trade Union retains a steadfast commitment to equality in the workplace and society as a whole. We recognise that there is strength in diversity and that our union must reflect the diversity of its composition.

We are proud to campaign for equality in multiple spheres: the workplace, legislation, and beyond. We are active participants with the Trades Union Congress (TUC) and their work on equalities. 

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Committee

The BDA Board of Directors and the Trade Union National Executive Committee have agreed that as a professional body and trade union it is vital that we commit to tackling all forms of inequality in the profession, the NHS, employers and society. It has therefore been agreed to set up a committee to carry out an extensive work programme which will necessitate both internal and external engagement. The leadership and involvement of members of the EDI committee will be crucial in ensuring that the lived experiences and relevant experience informs our work.

The terms of reference of the committee can be found here.

Resources and information provided by the TUC around the issue of Equalities:

TUC Equalities