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Mrs Afrose Kapasi

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Leeds, North East United Kingdom

Many people end up in a terrible cycle of losing weight successfully only to regain the weight months or years later. When this happens, you may feel frustrated, lonely, perhaps disgusted, suffer with low self-esteem, feel hopeless and just not feeling your normal self. This is what I've heard people say to me following weight regain.

No matter what you are experiencing, asking for help is very important. When you feel like you've given up and feel that no one can tell you anything different or teach you anything different, know that with support you can regain the confidence and skills to meet your goals.

With my support, you can regain the skills that may have been lost along the way, I can teach you how to re-focus and help you to understand what's happening to your weight and why you may be experiencing the yo yo effect. I can help to customise a healthy weight loss roadmap for you and give you the knowledge and insights necessary to create a healthier future. 

Weight gain or regain is more often than not a result of life events such as illness’s, family commitments or a change in job and forgetting to practice self care. I would like you to know that I will always take a non-judgmental, compassionate, and relaxed approach to helping anyone in need. Weight regain is not about failing and each journey is unique.

My passion and specialty lies in: Type 2 diabetes, Obesity and Mindful Eating. Please note that this list is not exhaustive. I am more than happy to book a 15 minute discovery call to see if you wanted to explore if I can help. There is no pressure to book an appointment. 

I have more than 8 years of experience as a registered dietitian in weight management in both the private sector and NHS services. Registrations: The Health and Care Professions Council,Member of the British Dietetic Association,Member of the BDA Specialist Interest Groups: Freelance Dietitians.

My practice is currently online. Clients I work with must be 18+

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