Dietitians Week 2021

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Thank you to everyone who joined us for Dietitians Week 2021! It was a fantastic week with so much shared and discussed. We're really grateful for everyone that took part. We are delighted that on the BDA social media accounts alone we had over 700,000 impressions over the week, and over 20,000 likes, shares and comments. You can still access lots of the resources and elements from the week below, and keep using them to promote dietetics! 

Careers campaign

Our careers campaign will continue over the next year as we try to encourage more people from a diverse range of backgrounds to consider a careers in dietetics. You can download resources and find out more about on our careers page

Video Content

We were very grateful to all our members who helped us created fantastic video content accross the week. Watch and share them below:


You can still download the various resources we created for the week:

Photo competition 

Huge congratulations to our photo competition winner Hilary Rennie for her fantastic paediatrics themed cake celebrating the Royal Aberdeen Children's Hospital where she works. Take a look at all five finalists below. 

Patient stories

We were delighted to feature patient stories from five people whose lives were positively impacts by the support and care they received from dietitians. We are very grateful to Rebecca R, Michael, Charlie, Regina and Rebecca L for sharing their experiences. Read each of them here