Why did you accept your first role as a dietitian?

About the survey

During Dietitians Week 2024 we will take some time to explore the first dietetic roles of newly qualified dietitians. To help us with this we are interested in hearing from dietitians who qualified during 2022, 2023 or January – May 2024.

Why this is important

We don’t currently have a good understanding of why newly qualified dietitians chose to work in particular roles and what factors are important to them in choosing their first job. This insight is helpful for future employers and the BDA.

What we will do with your information

There is no identifiable information within the survey, which is hosted on SurveyMonkey. We will share the anonymised findings in relevant published articles, presentations, on the BDA social media channels or similar activities. We may use direct anonymised quotes from the information you chose to share with us.

This survey will take approximately 5 minutes to complete and will close on 9 June 2024 so please complete it as soon as possible.