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Mr Jonathan Sumner

Company name:
Binge Dietitian
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PLYMOUTH United Kingdom

Hi I'm Jonathan, I am a specialist gastro/disordered eating dietitian based in Plymouth UK, supporting people to end binge eating and/or improve their gastro issues.

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Whether you struggle with:

- Disordered eating

- IBS (Bloating/Abdominal Pain/Constipation/Diarrhoea as well)

- Stoma Management

- Chrons and Colitis

- Type 2 Diabetes

- Raised Cholesterol

- Raised Blood Pressure

- Obesity

I can help you if you struggle with these conditions as well! Binge eating can worsen these conditions or lead to these conditions but fortunately, if we tackle your binge eating together, these conditions massively improve as well!

A life without binge eating/painful abdo pain/bloating and more is just within your reach!

My 1 to 1 online consultations are held via the GDPR-compliant telehealth system called Healthie.