Thursday, 29 July 2021 6pm – 7.30pm Webinar Online

Do you want to make a valuable professional contribution in your area of specialty?

Do you want to influence practice across the UK?

This session demystifies some of the processes involved in contributing to and reviewing for PEN and NICE. It will provide you with some ‘how to’ information and tell you where to look for callouts so that you/your team can contribute to and help build our Dietetic evidence base.

Join Dr Hilda Mulrooney (RD, PhD) Associate Professor in Nutrition, Kingston University London. Course Lead for BSc (Hons) Nutrition (Exercise & Health) and Dr Katherine Markwell (RD, PhD) Senior Lecturer in Human Nutrition and Dietetics and MSc Pre-Reg Dietetics Course Lead, University of Central Lancashire to learn more about using PEN in your practice and how to contribute to PEN and NICE Guidelines