Friday – Saturday, 25 – 26 June 2021 Course Virtual
To celebrate FrieslandCampina Institute’s 20th anniversary this year, we will organize our first global conference ‘Better nutrition for life: for now and generations to come’! 
It will be a fully digital event organised on June 25 and 26. International speakers will share their expertise on topics like the impact of nutrition on child and maternal health, healthy ageing, and the role of protein within a healthy and sustainable diet.


What to expect

Adequate nutrition is important for health and development during all stages of life, from childhood to healthy ageing. What role can nutrition play in improving the health, development and quality of life for the world’s population for now and generations to come?

Looking at the health of the growing population and malnutrition challenges we still face worldwide, feeding the world presents a major challenge for the future. How can better nutrition for life be achieved within a sustainable and healthy diet? 

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Program & registration

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