Time restricted eating (TRE): current evidence, plus understanding barriers and opportunities for dietitians

BDA Conversations partner webinar

Attendees will learn current evidence relating to a topical new dietary intervention, time-restricted eating (TRE). The presentation will be delivered by experts in biological rhythms, nutrition and psychology to ensure thorough coverage of information relevant to clinical practice. A brief explanation of the theoretical background to TRE will be provided, followed by a summary of human trials in the area and preliminary research into public/patient impressions of TRE as a real-world intervention. At the end of the session, the presenters will explain how input from dietitians is required to help shape the future of TRE as a future long-term intervention.


  • Jonathan Johnston, Professor of Chronobiology and Integrative Physiology, University of Surrey
  • Denise Robertson, Professor of Nutritional Physiology, University of Surrey
  • Jennifer Kehl, Research Associate, University of Surrey

This webinar will be hosted on GoToWebinar and the recording will be available post webinar.