Let’s Get Cooking: How to Run Practical Cooking Clubs

Developed by the BDA Let’s Get Cooking experts

Who is this course for?

This six-module course is aimed at anyone who wants to lead or support cooking activities in the community, schools, prisons or care settings.

Running cooking sessions is very rewarding and this course will help build the skills you need to run them smoothly and safely.

Health improvement officers, public health and local authority teams, occupational therapist clinical support workers, early years practitioners, occupational therapy support workers, family workers, school volunteers, teachers, classroom assistants and learning support staff will all benefit, as well as dietitians, dietetic assistants and nutritionists.

What will I learn?

When preparing and eating great food, people learn life skills that can bring years of enjoyment, and they learn to eat more healthily and economically.

Cooking also brings people together and creates a sense of teamwork. At an individual level, cooking with others develops personal responsibility, encourages social interaction and builds self-esteem

By the end of this course you will be able to:
  • Carefully plan and organise practical cooking sessions
  • Know all the things you need consider before you start
  • Identify the appropriate session for a variety of groups and individuals
  • Know who you might involve and how to manage them
  • Be able to choose a recipe and demonstration approach suited to your session aims

There are also links to other organisations and resources that you will find helpful, and templates for getting started

What topics does it cover?

This course covers, among other topics:

  • Getting started

  • Running a cooking session safely
  • Equipment and store cupboard ingredients
  • Choosing recipes for cooking sessions
  • Demonstrating food preparation and cooking skills
  • Group management

“This has been one of the best training/courses I have done, and we are using this in practice already” Family Worker, Barnardo’s

Course fee

BDA member

Non-members  £115.00

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