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Gillian Galway

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Dietitian Gillian
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Belfast United Kingdom

Hi,  I'm Gillian, a Registered Dietitian, that has worked across a range of areas including private practice, industry, and the NHS since 2009.  I'm based in Belfast and I offer face to face and online appointments. 

My mission is to help people improve disordered behaviours around food. Many people have subclinical eating disorders and therefore cannot access services. This is where I want to help.

I currently work in an NHS eating disorder service in CAMHS. I have experience in the area of bariatric surgery - this is another area where disordered eating can lurk. Often when we focus on weight we lose the importance of improving health behaviours. Unfortunately we now live in a society where disordered eating can be celebrated especially if you live in a larger body. 

I am passionate about a holistic approach to health improvement and empowering clients with behaviour change. Get in touch for an initial chat to see if I can help.  I look forward to hearing from you.

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