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Simmone Lewer

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St. Albans United Kingdom

Hello! My name is Simmone Lewer. I am a specialist Gestational Diabetes dietitian.

I have 11+ years experience working in diabetes. I am Australian and started my career helping pregnant Aboriginal women in outback Australia. I loved it so much and this developed my passion towards diabetes. 

In 2012 I moved to the UK and worked in the National Health Service (NHS) specialising in diabetes and antenatal diabetes services, meanwhile studying a masters in public health and completing post graduate courses on fertility and pregnancy.

I left the NHS in 2021 as I felt burnout and frustrated. I hated the restriction of having only 10 minutes to help Mums with Gestational Diabetes and I knew I WANTED TO DO MORE! 

I saw a close friend of mine really struggle with gestational diabetes. I was able to help her so much so she could still enjoy her pregnancy and found this so so rewarding. 

Many women I work with COME TO ME feeling so lost, overwhelmed and stressed. No wonder, when there is so much conflicting advice around! This all makes navigating gestational diabetes alone so confusing

I now dedicate my career to help mums so they can learn how to balance blood sugars while still ENJOYING pregnancy.

Check out my instagram page for helpful tips and advice or book in a free 1:1 chat with me to find out more about my services. 

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