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Dietitians Week

Dietitians Week 2018 was a massive success (award winning even!), but one of the main pieces of feedback we received from our members is that they wanted more of a public focus. You wanted new audiences, particularly those that might not know much about dietitians, to see the campaign. 

We've taken that to heart, and planned Dietitians Week 2019 accordingly.

We don't have a single theme for the week this year, but instead are planning different activities that we think will enable our members to take part while also engaging a wider audience. As a result, we are targeting much bigger social media and press figures than in 2018

We want to make use of the already successful and established #WhatDietitiansDo hashtag to continue educating the public, healthcare professionals and decision-makers about the wide range of dietetic roles that exist, and why we need better access to dietetic services. 

We will be adding more information about the week to these pages, as well as in Dietetics Today, Members Monthly and on social media. Watch this space!

Get in touch via if you have any questions. 

What do we have planned for Dietitains Week 2019?

As part of our plan to engage a wider audience, we will be investing in new ways to help generate attention for the week:

  • Paying to promote our messages on social media platforms and in national publications
  • Commissioning new public polling to highlight the public desire for better access to dietetic services and generate press interest
  • Engaging with a wider range of partners in the world of food, health and politics to get them to talk about why they value dietitians
  • More advice to members to help them promote dietetics in local media
  • Creating and using high-quality content and graphics for use on social media


Photo Competition 

As part of our efforts to show more of #WhatDietitiansDo, we're holding a photo competition, and we need you to flex your creative muscles to really highlight the diversity of the profession. Our favourites will be shortlisted and put to public vote with the winners receiving Amazon Vouchers and all the best images in with a chance of featuring on our new website! 

Click here to find out more! 

How can you get involved? 

Dietitians Week is only ever a success because of the participation and creativity of our members, especially on social media. Here's some ideas:

DW2019 Social Media Calendar

Social Media tips

Local Press

In April, we will share a template press release for you to use with your local media if you would like. In the meantime, or if you have ideas of your own,take a look a the tips on how best to contact and pitch an idea to a journalist from last year's Dietitians Week

Banner of four political locations

Engaging local political representatives

Dietitians Week is a useful hook to engage with political representatives - an opportunity to raise either local or national issues that you would like to see raised and to improve their understanding of the dietetic profession. We have lots more information available to help you engage your local political representatives in our Influencing Action Pack here

We've also drafted an example letter you could send. However, it is much better to write a personalised letter, and this example is written from the perspective of a dietitian working for a health service. Hopefully it provides some inspiration!

Dietitians Week Packs

All our packs have now been ordered - because of how popular these have been, some people will not receive multiple packs, even if they have been requested. You will understand that we are keen to ensure as many of our members get a pack as we can.

We will be including pens (black!) posters and postcards. This year's pack will be designed with a public audience in particular - we want you to use these not just to run a stand, but to perhaps leave some of the materials in patient areas, at your local GP surgery or similar. Postcards and posters will emphasise why patients should ask for access to a dietitian in an entertaining and eye catching way. 

We will be in touch towards the end of April to confirm that your packs are on the way. Packs in Welsh will be sent later, as it takes more time to complete the translation and redesign process.