Dietitians Week 2018

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Plans are underway for our fifth Dietitians Week, which will take place between June 4-8 2018.

This year's theme is Dietitians Do Prevention, and we will be highlighting the fantastic work that all dietitians do to prevent illness or optimise health, be that in primary care or acute settings, industry or education.

All four nations of the UK have identified improving prevention and public health as key to the ongoing sustainability of health services. Across the UK, there is a growing belief that a greater focus on prevention and public health activity is going to be vital to reduce pressure on the NHS and social care services.

In the Five Year Forward View, NHS England state that the sustainability of the NHS, and the economic prosperity of Britain, all now depend on "a radical upgrade in prevention and public health". In their most recent strategic framework NHS Scotland claim that the “long term need for fairness and prevention to be at the heart of all policy and practice is what drives us”. The principles of the Wellbeing of Future Generations (Wales) Act call for more investment in preventative measures to ensure a healthier Wales. In Northern Ireland, the Making Life Better framework includes embedding prevention across Health and Social Care services as a key theme. 

We may use different terminology in different areas,  but all dietitians do prevention and we need to show how dietitians can play a key role in this important area. 

Plan for the week

Each day has a different focus, looking at a different aspect of prevention. 

Daily Themes and Dates for Dietitians Week 2018

  • Recovery and Mental Health: Diet and nutrition can play a key role in both preventing and managing mental ill health. Good nutrition and hydration can also help aid recovery and prevent relapse.

  • Rehab and Reablement: Dietitians provide rehabilitation to people who have been unwell (such as after an operation or having a stroke). Support from a dietitian can provide symptom relief, reduce risks of further illness and prevent admissions to hospital.

  • Public Health and Primary Prevention: Good nutrition and hydration is fundamental to good health. Dietitians help the public at large to stay healthy which helps prevent illness and diet related conditions such as malnutrition or obesity.

  • Optimising Health and Secondary Prevention: For people who have a health condition, like diabetes or dementia, support from a dietitian can provide symptom relief, prevent complications and optimise quality of life.

  • Healthy Conversations and Making Every Contact Count: Dietitians don't just discuss diet and nutrition when they do prevention, they discuss related issues that impact on health like exercise, smoking and social factors. Dietitians can then signpost people to where they can access further help for these non-dietary issues.

Dietitians Week Badge Designs

Dietitians Week Packs

Our FREE Dietitians Week Packs have now all been ordered! Thanks to everyone for placing your orders, we hope to have these sent out at the end of April/beginning of May. 

This year's pack will feature a Dietitians Do Prevention banner, postcards, pens, badges and a poster for you to display and share with colleagues. We're also send out an updated version of our popular What Your Dietitians Thinks About poster from last year. 

You can also download a copy of the posters and postcards, as well as the explanatory cover letter, below: 

We also have the postcard and posters available in Welsh:

Please get in touch via if you have any further questions. 

Social Media 

One of the main ways you can take part in Dietitians Week 2018 is on Social Media, using the hashtags #DietitiansWeek and #DietitiansDoPrevention. We'll be adding lots of content for you to share on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram below as we get closer to the week. 

Keep an eye on our Social media calendar of activities for the week.

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We're delighted that the brilliant team at RDUK Chat will again be hosting a Dietitians Week Twitter chat on the evening (8-9pm) of the 4th June, so make sure you get involved!

The Instagram LogoWe want you to get involved with Dietitians Week on Instagram. If you've not used it before, we've created a 14 Day Instagram Challenge to help you get started on the platform in the run up to the week. Sign up here to receive daily emails with handy hints and tips!

Remember, you can access our Social Media guidance "Making sense of Social Media" at any time for plenty of good advice and tips. 

The Nutrition and Dietetics Journal Club are holding a special Dietitians Week session on Monday 4th June on the theme of Mental Health and Wellbeing. Just join their Facebook Group to join in the discussion.

NHS Improvement are holding a free webinar on Thursday 7th June from 10-12 on preventing pressure ulcers through improved nutrition. Sign up here. 

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Press release

A great way to promote your activities during Dietitians Week is in local media - either in press or online. We've got a few tips on how to contact journalists locally which you can download.

We've also come up with a simple example press release to help inspire your own release. Personal details and local flavour are critical, so add in as much as you can. 

Why not use this in your hospital or trust newsltetter as well?