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Dietitians Week

Dietitians Week is the BDA's annual celebration of dietitians, dietetics and those that work to support them. In June 2019 we focused on #WhatDietitiansDo to explain the diversity within the dietetic profession and make the case for more investment in dietetic services. 

Polling undertaken for us by Populus showed that nearly 40% of the public want access to a dietitian for advice on healthy eating, but only 10% are able to do so. We believe the case for more investment in dietetics is strong - especially as poor diet is now the biggest single risk factor for poor health, more so even that smoking. 

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"Dietitian Approved" Recipe E-Book

We are still supporting the "Dietitian Approved" recipe e-book created by 25 of our freelance members to raise funds for the Trussell Trust. You can download a copy for £3.99 by visiting this page


You can still download some of the resources we used during the week: