Contact a parliamentary candidate

As a BDA member, you have the power to influence change by engaging with your local parliamentary candidates. We urge you to write to them, regardless of their political affiliation, and ask them to pledge their support for our key policy asks. To find the contact details for your local candidates, you can visit this website and enter your postcode.

When contacting your candidates, we suggest emphasising the following points:

  • The importance of these policy asks in improving public health, reducing health inequalities and strengthening our workforce, as outlined in our manifesto
  • The potential benefits for their constituents and the wider community
  • The expertise and dedication of dietitians in delivering high-quality healthcare
  • The need for a comprehensive, cross-party approach to tackling these issues
  • Feel free to add our Manifesto into the letter to your candidate

Please ensure that your communication is respectful, non-partisan, and focused on the issues at hand. Our goal is to build positive relationships with candidates from all parties and work together to achieve our shared objectives.

If you receive a response from a candidate, please share it with us by forwarding it to [email protected]. This will help us gauge the level of support for our policy asks and inform our ongoing engagement with policymakers.