A day in the life of a dietetic worker

Would you like to champion the specialist work that the dietetic workforce undertake in health & social care in the NHS?

As a part of the BDA’s Dietetic Workforce Development Programme we are currently working on a project to develop a suite of case studies to promote Dietetic Careers and Specialisms in Health & Social Care in the NHS across the UK, and we would love for you to be involved our promotion campaign.

We are looking to capture as many different dietetic specialisms and dietetic roles (i.e Support Worker, Advanced Practitioner etc.) as possible and have produced a useful case study template that can be completed to support structuring of the case study content as follows:
•    Who you are and your dietetic role and specialism.
•    What does your role entail?
•    The activities involved within your role. 
•    The research you undertook before applying/thinking about undertaking the role.
•    Qualification route chosen. What qualifications do you have?
•    The job application process.
•    Attributes and skills employers look for when hiring.
•    Your transferable skills and experience.
•    Provide any advice for students thinking about your specialist role.

The BDA is committed to providing equal opportunities and intends to do this by maintaining, and rigorously implementing an Equal Opportunities Policy and Code of Practice. We particularly encourage black and minority ethnic people, people with disabilities and LGBTQI+ to engage in the BDA’s Dietetic Workforce Development Programme as they are currently under-represented in our workforce.

You can submit your case studies to [email protected].
We look forward to hearing from you!