Advancing Dietetics in Learning Disabilities


This two-day course aims to provide dietitians with the essential knowledge and skills required to work effectively with the learning disability population.

Learning Outcomes

  • To understand nutritional aspects of working in LD

  • To understand and develop communication skills for LD

  • To understand the challenges faced by those with LD which may impact their quality of life and nutritional status

  • To understand legal frameworks that support best practice when working with LD clients 

  • To understand health inequalities and safeguarding issues and how to manage and escalate these

About this course

Working with clients with Learning Disabilities can be very rewarding and provides the opportunity to make a positive difference to the lives of some of the most vulnerable individuals in our society. To be able to offer the best possible care to this client group, and to help them live their best possible lives, it is vital that all healthcare professionals understand the challenges, discrimination, inequalities and vulnerabilities those with a learning disability endure. This course will look at how these negative factors can impact on the nutritional status of those with a learning disability; what can be done to mitigate this; and how to promote positive change. 

This course looks in-depth into topics such as the role of the MDT in learning disabilities; nutritional challenges and vulnerabilities; mental and physical health co-morbidities; mortality reviews: abuse in care: safeguarding: and enteral feeding. 

Building and consolidating knowledge in the specialist area of learning disabilities will help dietitians to get the optimum outcome for their interventions and ultimately improve the quality of life of their service users.

Intended audience

  • Dietitians new to learning disabilities who need more depth than the BDA Introduction to MH, LD and ED course.
  • Dietitians wanting to specialise in or have an interest in LD.
  • Dietitians wanting an update in LD.
  • Dietitians currently specialising in LD.

Upcoming Dates