Advancing Practice in Food Service Dietetics (2 Day Course)

This 2-day BDA course is recommended for HCPC Registered Dietitians with at least 1 year of experience with an interest in, or working within, food service and catering.

This course is relevant to both hospital and industry Dietitians.  


To provide the basic knowledge and skills required to work as a Food Service Dietitian 

Learning Outcomes

On completion of the course you will be able to:

1. Describe the main functions of a Food Service Dietitian

2. Describe the different settings in which a Food Service Dietitian may work and the range of different career paths that can be taken

3. Demonstrate an understanding of how and when to apply the relevant food and nutrition documents that Food Service Dietitians use: The BDA Nutrition and Hydration Digest, Food in Hospitals, Independent Review of Hospital Food, National Healthcare Food and Drink Standards, One Blue Dot

4. Demonstrate an understanding of the following skills: - nutritional analysis of a menu, nutritional analysis of a recipe, menu planning, and development, and writing a tender specification to meet the needs of your service users.

5.  Demonstrate an understanding of how food legislation affects patients and service users e.g., allergen legislation and calorie labeling legislation

6. Demonstrate an understanding of food sustainability and how it can be built into food service  

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