Coeliac Disease: Further management and its complexities

This course is aimed at dietitians who are looking to further develop their knowledge, skills and practice in coeliac disease or those who may be considering taking / or have just started working in a specialist role in this area. Attendees will have completed the online pre-course “Introduction to Coeliac Disease and it’s Management” module.

We will discuss the complexities of coeliac disease, important factors to consider with a diet of exclusion, such as treatment burden, practicalities of living gluten-free, and the nutritional considerations of the gluten-free diet. Along with discussing service provision including digital offerings and dietetic-led coeliac services.

This is an Interactive programme with discussion of your local service and case studies throughout the course will enable you to apply the information to real life scenarios.


The aim of the one-day course is to

  1. Further develop your knowledge and skills in the management of coeliac disease.
  2. Apply knowledge when discussing case studies and reflecting on your own coeliac disease service
  3. Enhance awareness of the range of coeliac disease services.
  4. Improve awareness of future innovations in coeliac disease management.

Learning outcomes

By the end of the one-day course you will be able to:

  • describe conditions associated with coeliac disease
  • consider the nutritional aspects of the gluten-free diet
  • discuss a broad range of issues influencing gluten-free dietary adherence
  • describe a range of coeliac services, including dietetic-led coeliac services.

Pre-course reading and information

  • Before attending this session delegates are required  to complete the online module, details will be sent to you prior to your attendance on the face-to-face element

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