Dietetic Support Worker Award: Nutrition and Nutrition Support

This one-day course is aimed at dietetic support workers working in both acute and community settings. It will be suitable for those relatively new in post and as a useful update for those with some previous knowledge and experience.


The overall aim  is to introduce the role of nutrition in health and disease, to support the development of practical skills relevant to the role of the Dietetic Support Worker, including dietary assessment, nutritional screening and nutritional support.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the one day course you will be able to

  •  describe the Eatwell Guide and discuss recommended portion sizes;
  •  list 7 BDA Food Factsheets;
  •  identify at least 5 factors that affect food choice;
  •  state at least 5 barriers to changing health-related behaviour and to healthy eating;
  •  describe how to use the MUST tool;
  •  discuss the range of nutritional support options available including the food-first approach
  •  identify 3 methods of collecting and assessing dietary intake information

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