Starting out in Paediatric Dietetics

The programme will be taught by experienced clinical paediatric dietitians covering concepts generic to all aspects of paediatric dietetics. These include growth, nutrient requirements, common feeding and nutritional issues alongside the internal and external factors which influence nutrient provision and food choices throughout childhood.

  • Phases of normal growth through infancy and childhood

  • Assessment of growth through infancy and childhood

  • Nutrient requirements, food and fluid in infancy and early years

  • Nutrient requirements, food and fluid in later childhood and adolescence

  • The good, the bad and the ugly of diet histories

  • Common feeding problems in infants and children


To provide an introductory course on key aspects of paediatric dietetics for dietitians starting out on their paediatric dietetic careers.

Learning Outcomes

On completion of the course delegates should be able to:

  • Understand the key influence that growth has on nutrient provision throughout infancy and childhood.

  • Demonstrate an awareness of key concepts of macro and micronutrient requirements in paediatric dietetics.

  • Have sufficient knowledge to complete an assessment of growth and food/fluid intake in paediatric patients.

  • Have a broad understanding of common feeding and nutritional problems throughout childhood and be signposted to sources of further learning.

More Information

This course is designed to be the very first step into paediatric dietetics. The course will ideally suit dietitians starting out on a paediatric dietetic career; recent graduates considering a career in paediatric dietetics; dietitians in posts providing cover for paediatric dietetics and dietitians working for companies with a paediatric product portfolio.

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