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The BDA believes that the implementation of the Model and Process for Nutrition and Dietetic Practice (abbreviated to ‘Model and Process’) by the dietetic workforce is crucial as it supports consistent, high quality practice with the service user at the centre of any intervention.

What is the Model and Process?

The Model and Process (first published 2006, updated in 2012, 2016 and 2020) demonstrates how dietitians integrate professional knowledge and skills into evidence-based decision making; with individuals, groups or populations; in clinical settings, public health or health promotion. The Model and Process does not take away dietitians’ autonomy. Instead, it enables a consistent approach to dietetic care, with the service user at the centre.

When is it used?

It is used in the education of students; supporting the development of consultation skills and clinical reasoning. In practice it is integrated into accepted documentation standards, supporting dietetic outcome collection as well as an agreed structure for paper and/or electronic dietetic records.

Is there any training to support implementation?

Yes, there is currently an introductory module to the Model and Process available on the BDA Learning zone. If you are a BDA member, please click here for access information. If you are a dietetic student, please speak to your course leader for access information. 

Over the next few months, we will be adding further modules for each of the six Model and Process steps.

What are the benefits to using the Model and Process?

The Model and Process:

  • ensures the service user is at the centre of the dietetic intervention and decision making.
  • provides an agreed structure to support the delivery of a consistent standard of practice. Anecdotally, some dietitians report that using the Model and Process leads them to record in a more structured and succinct format; including structured reporting to other professions.
  • enables the dietetic workforce to collect and collate dietetic outcomes which can support service developments and improvements, as well as evidencing the effectiveness of dietetic services.

Read more about the 2020 updates to the Model and Process and how outcome data can be collected throughout the six steps of the Model and Process here

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