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This Practice Supervision Guidelines document has been developed by a working group of the BDA to update the previous Clinical Supervision Guidelines. The document details the process of practice supervision and provides some practical tools that can be used when developing and implementing supervision in any work related environment. This document encompasses all members of the dietetic profession including those working in the freelance setting and dietetic support workers. It is acknowledged that supervision structures may be more difficult to establish when working in isolation and may have to take other forms than face-to-face contact.

Practice supervision is part of the Governance Framework. It should be included within working practices and not considered as an “add on”. It is integral to delivering a quality service and should be embraced by the practitioner to enhance professional practice. By exploring work-based scenarios and reflecting upon practice, the practitioner will have the opportunity to develop not only themselves, but also the employing organisation.

You can access the BDA Practice Supervsion Document here.