Practice Supervision

Practice Supervision Guidelines: 

The BDA Practice Supervision guidelines have been revised. This guideline has been developed through extensive member engagement and is relevant for all dietitians and the support workforce across all four nations of the UK.

It details the definitions and process of supervision, gives examples of scenarios that may be encountered and provides some practical tools that can be used when implementing supervision in any environment.  

The BDA recognises the importance of supervision at all levels and recommends a robust supervision structure is in place to support the dietetic workforce throughout your career.  

The Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) have dedicated webpages and resources to outline the benefits and outcomes that supervision can have on your professional development and provide tips on how you can effectively approach supervision in your practice.

Supporting Resources

  • To view the document as a whole, or print for your use you can view this here: BDA Practice Supervision Guideline
  • The Health and Care Professions Council sets the Standards for regsitered dietitians within the UK. Their Standards support the case that registrants should be participating in supervision as part of their practise where possible

Guideline Contents

  • What is supervision 
  • The aim of this guideline

Why should I have supervision and your employer's responsibility

  • Registered dietitians
  • Non-registered dietetic workforce

Defining and theorectical models of supervision

Exploring the different terms in supervision

  • Practice and clinical supervision 
  • Management supervision 
  • Restorative supervision 
  • Informal supervision
  • Management, practice and restorative supervision

Supervision throughout your career 

  • Dietetic support workforce
  • Dietetic managers

Modes and levels of supervision 

What does good supervision look like?

Frequency of supervision

Responsibilities and training

How to identify a suitable supervisor

  • Supporting people with learning differences

Concerns and challenges during supervision


Glossary and references