Appendix 5: Regulation 14 of the CQC (Meeting Nutritional and Hydration Needs)

Regulation 14 of the CQC: Meeting Nutritional and Hydration Needs (1)

Regulation 14 (Meeting nutritional and hydration needs), which falls under the NHS Health & Social Care Act 2008, is the CQC regulation focused on ensuring that people who use NHS services have adequate nutrition and hydration to sustain life and good health. This includes reducing their risk of malnutrition and dehydration while they receive care and treatment. Regulation 14 is one of CQC’s fundamental standards.

Where food is provided, healthcare organisations should have systems in place to ensure:

  • A choice of suitable, nutritious food and drink, provided in sufficient quantities to meet the patients’ needs
  • Food and drink that meet the reasonable requirements arising from a patients’ religious or cultural background
  • Ensure adequate finance to provide for food and drink
  • Provision of food and drink includes oral nutritional supplements and artificial nutrition in the form of intravenous fluids when appropriate
  • Help with eating and drinking is given to those people identified as vulnerable.


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