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The cost of healthcare in the UK continues to rise each year. Demands on limited resources are increasing from patients, clients, employers and each successive government. It is important that we look closely at our services and decide how best we can deliver on these demands, safely and effectively.

In 2015, the BDA undertook a project to learn more about the staffing and workload issues affecting you, particularly within NHS settings. Findings and recommendations from our project were published. This guidance has now been repackaged into a suite of resources designed to support you to work though staffing and workload challenges.

Safe Staffing Safe Workload Guidance

This resource explores dietetic activities and patient contact statistics and provides useful benchmarking figures. It also highlights key triangulating factors which should be considered when assessing safe staffing and workload; capacity, capability and safety indicators.

Workload Management Guidance

This guidance document brings together advice to address safe workload from the point of view of the patient, the service, the employee (health professional), and the manager. All perspectives are inextricably linked and all parties have a responsibility to address workload. This guidance shares advice from a professional ethical standpoint and an employment relations standpoint.

Safe Staffing and Safe Workload Suite: Supporting Resources

Dietetic Workload Audit Tool

A useful tool for any dietitian or support worker to audit their own work activities.

Safe Staffing Safe Workload Service Redesign Case Study

A case study highlighting how service provision was adapted to improve efficiency.

The Dietetic Workforce of the NHS

Provides a little more background and statistics of the dietetic workforce within the NHS and HSCNI.

Safe Staffing Questionnaire to all BDA Members Employed in the NHS (2015) *

The survey monkey questionnaire that was circulated and completed by over 900 BDA members in 2015

Safe Staffing Questionnaire to NHS Dietetic Service Managers Community and Acute (2015) *

The excel spreadsheet that was circulated to dietetic managers to complete.

Safe Staffing Questionnaire to NHS Dietetic Service Managers Mental Health Services (2015) *

The excel spreadsheet that was circulated to dietetic managers in mental health services to complete.

* Questionnaires may be particularly useful to BDA specialist groups wishing to do further work to learn about staffing and workload within their specialty.