Diagnosing and Managing ARFID: A comprehensive course

07 May 2024

Provider: University of Winchester

Date: Rolling schedule of dates (approx. quarterly), currently advertised as:

28/05/2024 to 09/07/2024
08/10/2024 to 19/11/2024
21/01/2025 – 04/03/2025
25/03/2025 – 06/05/2025

Cost: £150

Location: Online 

Target Audience: This course is predominately aimed at health care professionals (doctors, nurses, dietitians, nutritionists, psychologists, occupational therapists, speech and language therapists, SENCOs) interested in improving their knowledge and expertise in ARFID

The course provides a comprehensive education on the journey of ARFID, from diagnosis, to assessment and management, incorporating current research and information on practical management. The course features a range of learning opportunities including toolkits, quizzes and online discussions to reinforce knowledge acquisition and application in practice. This is an online 10-hour distance learning course, facilitated by Dr Rosan Meyer. The course can be worked through in your own time but all content needs to be completed before the end date.

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