Nutrition in Liver Disease: A Holistic Approach

Learn about the role of nutrition in liver disease and how to improve patients outcomes. The sessions will include workshops, case studies and group discussions.

Perfect Pizza with a Dough Base

Courgette Bake with a Feta and Herb Crust


All-day Breakfast

Microwave Jacket Potato with Leek, Apple, Cheese and Bacon

Banana and Raisin Flapjacks

Corn on the Cob with Chilli and Lime

Microwave Jacket Potato with Tuna and Sweetcorn

Broad Bean and Bacon Pasta

Microwave Jacket Potato with Mushroom and Tomato

Milk, Oat and Soda Bread

Microwave Jacket Potato with Salmon and Peas

Chicken and Sweetcorn Risotto

Asparagus and Lemon Risotto

Chicken and Butternut Sage Risotto

Courgette Bake

Pasta Cheese Bake

Baked Sweet Potato

Quick Boston-style Baked Beans

The chickpea originated in the Middle East about 7,500 years ago. It is a source of protein and fibre.

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