Applying for graduate registration if you are a HCPC registered Dietitian

If you are eligible for registration with the HCPC as a Dietitian through UK training and education, you must join the BDA as a Full Member.

This is the only category of BDA membership available to you, if you are eligible for HCPC registration.

Once you have joined the BDA as a full member to apply for SENR graduate registration, you will need to complete a form and provide evidence of your qualifications, via email.

You will not be able to use the online application process.

Prior to application, please read the SENR Guide to Registration, (section 2.1 specifically relates to Dietitians requirements to join the register).

When you are ready, please complete the Graduate Registration application form 

And submit copies of:

1 - CV

2 - Postgraduate Certificate

3 - Masters Certificate or PG Cert

Please email these documents to [email protected]

Find out more about SENR fees and options for payment.

The documents will be reviewed and you will receive an update or confirmation of registration within two weeks of application.